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The Transport Panel

The buttons on the upper right side do not only look very much like those of a tape recorder, they also function like these:

Play: Starts playback or recording from the very beginning.

Stop: The sequencer is stopped. If record mode is on, it is turned off. Pressing the button once more lets the playback cursor return to the beginning.

Continue: Continues playback or recording from the actual position.

Record: Toggles the sequencer's record mode.

On the left there are three more sequencer-specific switches:

Master: As long as this option is active, playback tempo entirely depends on the tempo information stored in the master track. In order to alter the tempo via the tempo display (see below), this option must be turned off first.

Loop: When this button is pressed, the sequencer will infinitely repeat the currently selected Locator Range (first there has to be some range selected, of course).

Click: Causes the sequencer to produce a metronome click during playback. For configuring note, loudness and channel of these clicks, use the Sequencer|Metronome Settings dialog.

Below the tape recorder buttons you will find various displays related to the current time position of the sequencer. These numbers stand for current bar, beat, tempo, meter & time (normal clock time). You may click & drag the bar display to change the current play back position. Provided that the 'Master' option (see above) is inactive, the tempo value can be changed as well. Changes to play back tempo made in this way will also be recorded, as long as 'record mode' is on.

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