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Track Parameters

The Track Parameters define real-time alterations of outgoing MIDI data.

The visibility of the respective panel is toggled by right-clicks on the VU display at the left side of the Track List (that's where the bouncing bars appear during playback). Using this panel you can edit the parameters through the Numerical Controls appearing there. The displayed values always refer to the currently selected track.

The first two parameters sets (those with a greenish color) are static, but the last set (the reddish one) is dynamic and its values can be recorded.

Recorded Parameter Change Events can be edited via the List Window. It is also possible to produce these events directly there.

If you want to apply the modifications introduced by track parameters to the events in memory (so they become visible in the editors), use the Functions|Freeze Track Parameters option. This will permanently modify all MIDI events, reset the track parameters to their default values and delete all parameter change events on affected tracks. You may either do this globally, i.e. for all tracks (advisable before exporting to Standard MIDI File format) or locally, i.e. only for the selected track.

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