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The Grid Quantize function

Quantization means the alignment of events in regard to a specific time grid. This technique is mostly used to correct the position of events from a recording that are not perfectly in time.

There are four different parameters for this operation, that can be accessed via Functions|Edit Grid Quantize:

Undo Quantize & Freeze Quantize

Quantization is a virtual operation. This means that a quantized note only "appears" to have moved, but the "real" position is still kept in the background. As a consequence the original state of any quantized note can be restored at any time. The command responsible for this task is the Functions|Undo Quantize command. To bring the quantization effects from their tentative state there is the Functions|Freeze Quantize command, which transforms virtual positions into "real" ones. The existence of such a command is particulary important for the Standard MIDI File Export function, since this format knows nothing about virtual attributes. So quantization effects would be lost in the resulting file, if there were no way to make them "real". The necessity to "freeze" quantization also arises, when the effects of several quantize operations are to be combined. A quantization process always operates on the basis of "real" note positions. So to carry out several quantize operations in series, it is necessary to "freeze" the current state after every quantization step. Both commands require - as Quantize itself does - that target notes are selected.

There are three more functions related to this dialog. You can use Functions/Length Quantize to make the length of all selected note events a multiple of the quantization value specified in the Quantize Settings Dialog, Functions|Fixed Length to replace all lengths with that value and Functions|Convert To Legato, which makes each selected note stop right before the start of the next one. All these are non-virtual and behave just like normal edit commands.

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