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The Piano Window

The Piano Window looks much like the Arrange Window with the difference that it will display only one track at a time and that from this track only the note events are shown. The resolution of the screen is much finer than that of the Arrange Window, so notes can be inserted and manipulated at precise pitches and intervals.

Zoom in horizontally.

Zoom out horizontally.

Zoom in vertically.

Zoom out vertically.

Toggles between the Display All Tracks and Display Single Track options. When the Display All Tracks option is chosen, notes of other tracks are shown, too, with a somewhat different coloring. However, you still cannot edit these notes until you have selected the track, that contains them. To find the track that contains a note, scroll through the tracks using the arrow keys until the note turns from pale to deep green (or blue).

Turns Edit Solo Mode on and off. When this mode is active, the solo & mute settings from the Track List are overridden and only events from the selected track will be audible.

Moves the display to the previous track.

Moves the display to the previous track.

Possible mouse actions in this window are:

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