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Dealing with Parts

The arrangement of large bulks of MIDI events becomes easier, when related MIDI data can be grouped together in some way. In this application, this need is fulfilled by so the called Parts. These designate regions either containing MIDI events or being empty and are shown as yellowish boxes in the Arrange Window.

Operations performed on a part will be performed on every event it encloses, so when a part is selected, all events residing within its limits are selected, too, when it is moved, all events within it move, too.

Parts will in most cases be created by the user himself, but the program can create them automatically as well, for instance when a Standard MIDI File is imported or events are added outside the current part ranges by using the other editors.

It is not, as with other sequencers, allowed, that parts overlap, but you don't have to worry too much about this, because in case of conflicting part ranges (as it may occur after drag & drop operations) the program will dissolve the conflict automatically by slicing existing parts and/or creating new parts.

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