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The Logical Pages

These three pages covered with Numerical Controls mainly serve as a tool to facilitate tasks that would become really tedious if one were to perform them on every single event.

So one may for instance

by simply setting up a few search criteria and modification operators.

Also randomization of selected parameters (called "humanization" by some) becomes possible with these pages.

The Logical Filter

The Logical Filter searches through all selected MIDI data and (depending on the mode it is set to) deletes all events, which fullfill certain conditions or (if set to 'select') deselects all events, which do not fulfill them.

The attributes that are considered are:

The Logical Transformer

The Logical Transformer searches through all selected MIDI data, marks those events, that match the specified conditions, and (depending on the mode it is set to) either alters them directly or adds new altered versions of these events to the MIDI data store.

Each of the attributes given above can be modified by the following operations:

Logical Interpolator

The Logical Interpolator does quite the same as the Transformer, with the exception that it does not operate with static values but with values that are changing over time. The exact values are interpolated from a given start and stop value in reference to the currently set Locator Range. Accordingly the Interpolator has two double-rows of numbers instead of one, the upper one for the start values and the lower one for the end values. This one will mainly be used to create crescendi and decrescendi in conjunction with the velocity attribute of notes.

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