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The List Window

In this window the events of the track in focus are simply listed one after the other. Here events are displayed and can be edited which are not shown in the other editors, for instance text events. In addition there is a red "audition" frame, that can moved with the ctrl+up-arrow and ctrl+down-arrow. When this frame arrives at a new note, the sequencer will play it immediately. This features will make it easier to identify the displayed passages.

Functions of the main area:

Note that time and key signatures can not be edited with this editor. They can only be changed via the Score Window or the Insert Time Signature / Key Signature commands that are accessible through the time bar located at the top of the Arrange Window as well as the Piano Window as described under the topic "Editing Time Signature Events".

Below the main area there are some more buttons:

Moves the display to the previous track.

Moves the display to the next track.

Inserts an event. Which event type is inserted, depends on the 'Insert' value (selectable at the right side).

Deletes all currently selected events.

Click this to open a pop-up menu, where you can uncheck all event types that you do not want to be displayed.

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