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The Groove Quantize Function

The Groove Quantize function basically performs the same operation as the Grid Quantize function does. The difference is, that the grid positions that will attract the notes do not have to be equally distributed in time. Rather they can be placed individually and as an extra can be associated with indivdual accents, either added to or subtracted from the loudness of affected notes, when quantization is applied.

On the top of the central dialog you will see four rectangles arranged in clockwise fashion, each enclosing four smaller rectangles. This is a representation of how a bar will be divided by the function. The small rectangles represent single beats, the larger ones stand for beat groups. You can change the number of beats contained within a single beat group (2-4 are possible) by right-clicking into the respective rectangle. The number of beat groups (again 2-4 are possible) can be altered by right-clicking somewhere at the edge of the diagram (outside the white rectangles representing beat groups). So you may work with simple as well as composite meters (as for instance 3+3+2) with a total number of beats ranging from 4 to 16. Note that this function will ignore the division given by the current meter context of any event, that is that of the preceding Time Signature event - it will always use its own.

Setting up the Groove structure

Inside each of the smaller rectangles there is a little knob, which can be dragged horizontally as well as vertically. The horizontal placement of these knobs determines the placement of the corresponding beat in time. Similarly the heaviness of a beat is controlled by the vertical placement of the knob.

The exact translation of the coordinates is:

above: light

left: "before the beat"

right: "after the beat"

below: heavy

The four colored lines, which link the sixteen knobs with each other, can provide a first-glance impression of the internal symetry (or lack of symetry) inside the Groove structure.

The buttons below the big diagram combine the application of the pattern with some previous fine-tuning. With the help of of these fine-tune buttons you may only displace a few selected beats and let the program adjust the other positions automatically:

The Range & Attraction controls do the same thing they do with Grid Quantization.

Loading and Saving of Groove Structures

As with Grid Quantization, Groove Quantization is purely virtual. So - among other things - you must "freeze" affected material before exporting it to a Standard MIDI file.

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