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Audio Effects

There are at the moment 14 the build-in effects. These will appear together with the VST plugin effects in the VST|Load / Unload Effect list and will be treated just like their VST relatives.


This one simulates the first sound reflections in a room. It should be put in series before any of the late reverberation simulators for natural sounding reverb.

Small Reverb, Medium Reverb, Large Reverb

This is a group of late reverb simulators all build of comb filters in combination with allpass delays. Their sound is more dense than that of the "ambience" reverberators (see below), but may exhibit a metallic tinge, especially with high reverberation times. Everything labelled as "large" uses of a lot of CPU time, so it is better not to use such effects more than once in a composition.

Small Ambience, Medium Ambience, Large Ambience

These late reverb simulators consist of allpass delays only. Compared with the previous group the reverberation is less compact, but also clearer.

Stereo Chorus, Harmonic Chorus

These effects adds detuned echo delays that glide up and down in pitch to the original sound. With a medium modulation depth this tends to widen the sound (as if many instruments were playing instead of one). With a small depth a "flanging" effect (i.e. extinction of varying harmonic spectra caused by phase shifting) will become audible instead. The "stereo" variety consists of 2 chorus effects in parallel for left and right channel. The "harmonic" variety is a mono effect and consists of 4 chorus delays, whose glide speeds stand in harmonic relation to each other (hence "harmonic").


Just like the chorus effects this is a detuning delay, but here the pitch shift is constant.


A "phaser" sounds very similar to a "flanger", but uses allpass delays instead of echo delays, which makes it possible to specify the range of harmonics that will be affected:


A very simple overdrive simulator.


A clip distortion which applies 1-pole filtering before entering and after leaving the effect.


Makes everything sound as if it rendered by a soundcard from remote antiquity. 1-pole filtering is applied before entering and after leaving the effect.

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