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The Arrange Window

In the right half of the Track Window you will see a representation of the data content of each track in the form of coloured lines (for normal events) and small letters (for track parameters, that are designated by their starting letters in capitals).

The surrounding greenish frames visualize the so-called 'Parts' - units comprising all events within a certain time-span, that can be copied, moved, deleted etc. by mouse actions. By clicking into the event display it is also possible to draw controller events directly into the score. This is described in detail unter the topic 'Drawing Functions'. Note events and text-based events cannot be edited here. To edit MIDI notes, you will have to resort to the Piano Window or the Score Window, while for inserting and changing text events the List Window is the appropriate choice.

The image buttons on the toolbar at the top of the Track Window all refer to the zoom level of the display this window:

Zoom in horizontally.

Zoom out horizontally.

Zoom in vertically.

Zoom out vertically.

Minimum vertical zoom out.

Focus on selected track with maximum vertical zoom.

The three text buttons beneath specify further modes of operation of the workspace:

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