Ancient history of the Space Toad MIDI Sequencer 3.0.0

20.4.2013 – No more truncating of Audio Clips when saving. Better timer accuracy when CPU load is high.

23.4.2013 – Previously stuck controllers can now be moved.

10.10.2013 – Occasionally program didn't start properly (no audio, corresponding error message appearing over and over again). This bug seems to be fixed now.

15.12.2013 – Some more bugs removed from audio file system. Mouse wheel support for controllers added.

8.1.2014 – Some fixes and modifications made to the FM Oscillator.

10.1.2014 – Shortcuts do not interfere with text entry anymore.

15.1.2014 – Navigating with cursor keys now works as advertized.

16.1.2014 – Full set of locator functions is now properly implemented.

18.1.2014 – All FFT-based audio editor effects had suddenly begun to crash (presumably since the FM oscillator was made to work again). Hopefully this is fixed forever now.

22.1.2014 – Removed a bug from file selector handling.

30.1.2014 – External MIDI-In ports are now correctly installed.

31.1.2014 – MIDI-Thru option was restored.

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