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The Space Toad MIDI Sequencer is a free music composer for Windows, comprising an Audio / MIDI sequencer, a modular synthesizer, an audio editor and other dedicated tools. Being still under development all available releases up to now are beta versions from which the most recent can be downloaded here.

What's new?

Version 3.0.2 is now available as the new free beta release. Don't forget to send a report if something should not work. For those who still might prefer the old version 2.1.1 (which had no audio file support) a download link is provided below.

Last modification: 5.6.2014 – Even more GUI fixes, some support for lyrics added to the score editor

Things the v2.1.1 sequencer can do

Download Space Toad MIDI Sequencer 2.1.1

Things the new sequencer can do the old one could not

Download Space Toad MIDI Sequencer 3.0.2

Score Editor Screenshot

Track Window Screenshot

Piano Editor Screenshot

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